Your Employees' Health Is Our Priority

Healthy and happy employees improve productivity and decrease time away from work. The Dream Medical Center Hospital partners with you to add new programs to your employees that aim to improve the health of your staff: 

  • Education Programs increase awareness of preventative care and general health issues, keeping everyone healthier.

  • Wellness Clinic days provide you the ability to schedule specific days for your employees to come to the Dream Center and receive annual check-ups and full body screens.

  • Family Planning programs educate your employees on healthy ways to grow and expand their family.

  • Transportation Services help your employees get to and from work for routine care.

  • Pre-scheduled Appointments decrease the wait time at the clinic so your employees can return to work sooner.


Contact us if you would like to learn more about how the Dream Medical Center Hospital can help your employees or to schedule a tour with one of our doctors.

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