Your comfort and well-being are the most important details to us at the Dream Medical Center Hospital. With a caring staff, a world class facility, and state of the art equipment, your baby and you will be in the best hands; all under the watchful caring hand of our Lord, Jesus Christ. 

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Meet Your Baby

Nationally-known obstetrician and gynecologist, Dr. Samuel Kagali, leads a team of experts to provide the next level of care to the women of Kigali and beyond. Standard services are available as well as new and innovative techniques:

  • 3D Ultrasound: Meet your baby earlier than ever! See your baby’s face and gain access to enhanced diagnostic services

  • With state of the art instruments, we can show you a picture or a video of your baby before birth for you to share with your family and friends.

  • This valuable tool is also used for advanced diagnostics of potential issues that can arise throughout your pregnancy.



Your Comfort is Our Priority

At the Dream Medical Center Hospital, we believe in making childbirth as safe and as comfortable as possible. 

  • State of the art birthing beds

  • Vertical birthing positions available

  • Massage and heated beds for your ultimate comfort.


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Pain-Free Delivery

The birth of a child should be a memorable experience for you and your family. You don't want to have the memory of pain and suffering. 

An epidural is a service provided which decreases or eliminates the sensation of pain in the abdomen or pelvic region. This is a temporary loss so as to decrease the pain typically felt during child birth.

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Family-friendly Environment

Family should be at the core of the birthing experience. It has been proven that male involvement in pregnancy and childbirth improves pregnancy outcomes and reduces maternal stress, increases care, and decreases negative birthing outcomes (1).

At the Dream Medical Center Hospital we believe in family first. Husbands are welcomed to spend as much or as little time in the birthing room as they desire. 


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Birthing Companions

WHAT is a birthing companion?

  • Before you are ready to deliver your baby, a birth companion will visit you to talk about your birth plan and answer any of your questions.

  • During your time at the Dream Medical Center Hospital, your birth companion will be with you and will comfort you with massages, back rubs, and soothing compresses.

  • A few days after you give birth, your birth companion will visit you and your baby. You will have time to have all your questions answered and they will provide you information about breast feeding and caring for your baby.