Praying for a Miracle


“An 18-year-old female patient presented with a history of chronic headaches since 2008. This has been my life for some time now.”

When Anita first started having headaches, she thought they would go away soon enough. But what began as a series of headaches, chest pain, stomach discomfort, and backaches turned into severe chronic daily headaches.

That was seven years ago. After dealing with this pain for a year, Anita saw a doctor for the first time at the age of twelve. By this time most of her pain had left, but she continued experiencing frequent and excruciating headaches.


“The doctors here just kept giving me medicine and transferring me to different clinics. My headache just kept coming. I would tell myself this was it. I will just deal with this forever. I didn’t want to see any more doctors.”

Anita’s headaches persisted. She was on daily medication from her doctor and drinking water as she was told, but still felt her head was too heavy. She describes feeling as if a large stone was inside her head.

“When it gets really bad my eyes start to tear up. Then I can barely move and can’t bend over. I have to go lie down.”

Anita has at times spent up to three days in a row in bed. Sometimes she can’t move or stand up. Even eating is hard for her. Yet after numerous blood and urine tests, no one has been able to find the cause of her headaches.

On average, she has at least five headaches per week. She had to repeat her S1 class last year due to missing many days of school because of this illness.


“I feel the more I grow up, the more headaches I get. I sometimes have intense pain for hours and they can last many days. I go to school, but when a headache comes I get permission to go home. I am not able to do anything and have to lie down. I missed one term last year and another this year, causing me to repeat. I pray often that God brings a specialist to the Dream Medical Center that Africa New Life is building. I have gone to many hospitals and feel there is no hope.”

Anita’s prayer is for people to continue to pray for a miracle of healing. When she completes high school, her dream is to go to medical school.

“I want to help others who suffer from the same illness I have. I dream to be a nurse who specializes in neurology.”

We spent some time with Anita’s father to learn more about her struggle with chronic headaches. Anita did a lot for their home before getting sick. Now they hardly manage to make meals and keep up with their home.


“The school nurse, Rebecca, has become a mother-figure for my daughter. Ever since she started experiencing these headaches she has been going to Rebecca for help. We have been going for a long time now seeing doctors. We don’t have the money for it. Having her sponsored with Africa New Life has been a life-saving blessing. It is hard seeing my daughter fall sick. She gets to the point where she passes out for many hours. It comes and goes and it has made her life really difficult.”

Anita’s father prays for a supernatural miracle to happen. He wants nothing more than for his daughter to be healed and live out her dream of being a nurse. He even hopes she can work in the Dream Medical Center one day.

cover anita (2).jpg

“I have hope for my daughter to get better. Rebecca has done a great job. I can’t wait for the medical center to be finished. I wish it would just start by tomorrow or today. It would be so nice.”



Story by Africa New Life
Photos by Esther Havens