A Lovely Boy


“I had gone to Kigali to visit relatives… Daniel was out fetching water. When I returned, he complained of something in his eye. This was the start. He died a year later.”

Known in his community of Kageyo as being a very good and hard working boy, Daniel was 15 years old when he first developed a tumor near his eye. After multiple transfers to different hospitals, he was finally sent to Kigali to see a specialist. By this time, the advancing tumor had grown in and out of his nose, around his mouth, and over his entire eye.

“Taking Daniel to all those hospitals, they tried everything they could, but no one could understand what was wrong. It was God’s time for Daniel to go. His sponsorship really helped him live as long as he did.”

Unexpectedly, a specialist visiting from America reviewed Daniel’s case and was able to remove the tumor from his nose. Our staff went to see him and discovered a happy boy sitting up in his bed ready to go play soccer. Daniel had gained a little strength and was sent back home.

But by the time he reached Kageyo, he began vomiting a lot of blood and couldn’t breathe. Daniel was taken back to a local hospital. Within days, he died.

“You can not stop what God had planned. I am so thankful to Africa New Life because they did everything they could do. For me, I don’t know where I would be right now, but because of Africa New Life I have my home here. I am thankful to God for them. While they gave a lot to our family, I also wanted to. I used to have a lot of chickens and goats, but now I have nothing because I sold it to help pay for transport fees from one hospital to the next.”

Francine, known as “Mama Daniel,” is a farmer who digs and cultivates her small land and takes care of her seven children. Daniel’s oldest brother, Jean Baptiste, has dropped out of school to help with their home and work to provide for his family. He was always so proud of Daniel and how hard he worked in school. It made him a proud brother seeing Daniel get good marks.

“Everyone admired him. He was a lovely boy. Whatever he did, he would do it happy and willingly. He was so smart and we were so proud.”

Francine’s constant daily prayer is for God to keep the rest of their family healthy and continue to strengthen them. And she is grateful that other families like hers will have access to care from the Dream Medical Center soon.

“The hospital being built there, it is really a miracle that God is doing. I trust the Lord and know that hospital will be helpful not only to me, but to everyone around Rwanda.”

mama smiling at photo.jpg

Story by Africa New Life

Photos by Esther Havens