Much To Be Done


In the last 12 years, Dr. Samuel Kagali has delivered more than 3,000 babies.

At heart, he loves helping others, and when this dream of developing a new medical center in Kigali became a reality, he knew God had called him to this new role. As an elder at New Life Bible Church in Kicukiro, Rwanda, Dr. Sam has seen a constant need for health care in this area and beyond.


“Most of us know Rwanda is still a developing country and there are many issues with health care. There is still so much to be done; we need state of the art care.”

While there are other hospitals in and surrounding Kigali, Dr. Sam is passionate about the fact that the Dream Medical Center’s profits being able to support other people in need.

“God has been faithful. We have been building without a debt. As a mission-focused ministry we hope to be fully funded and give health care to those who cannot afford it. We want to be able to move further with our mission statement as a ministry, which is evangelism… Our medical center is special in a way that most of our profits we will invest in helping people who cannot afford health care. This medical center, God willing, will enable us to help fund other ministries within Africa New Life like their Bible school. We have pastors in this city who have that calling and are struggling with fees.”

With a goal of expansion over the next few years, the Dream Medical Center will not only provide much-needed care but will be able to create a self-sustaining model unlike any other.

One of our biggest strengths will be to work with our social workers’ office. We will have many cases from the ministry that are vulnerable who will want to come. This department will look through each case and see whom we can help. We want to be self-sustaining, but also want to help many. We don’t want to turn anyone away.”

Having set international standards for its quality of care, the Dream Medical Center will focus on hiring doctors from East Africa but will supplement their expertise in unique medical cases by allowing visiting doctors to come and volunteer in special fields.

“We hope to have many partners. What we have here in East Africa is not enough. We shall look at resources in this region first and nearby. It is important they understand our mission statement and values. Dr. Marc Simpao is working on a program that features dedicated and ongoing training as we operate.”

What started as a dream in 2009 of a simple clinic that would serve sponsored children in critical need has expanded to a three-story medical center aimed at serving all in Rwanda. The mission of the Dream Medical Center is to create a sustainable health care model of compassionate excellence in which patients are served through their physical, emotional, and spiritual needs, for the glory of Jesus Christ.

“We want to make it where we take excellent care of our patients. They deserve the best care they can get. Medical evangelism is key and we want to focus on having Jesus receive all the glory from what we are doing. Having a chaplain and at-home care will set us apart from other hospitals in Rwanda. Sometimes family members of patients will need spiritual care. It’s not just about putting our core values on the wall; we want to practice them daily.”

Today, Dr. Sam Kagali works as the Medical Director for the Dream Medical Center. His dream is to see the Medical Center become self-sustainable and focus on serving all in Rwanda.

Story by Africa New Life

Photos by Esther Havens