Placing Your Child's Health First

A long, successful, happy, and healthy life begins at birth. The Dream Medical Center Hospital provides access to quality care for proper diagnosis, preventative care, and routine procedures for the well-being of your child! Our staff seek to build relationships of trust with you, explaining issues and treatment options and seeking to fully hear your questions and concerns so we can serve you and your child well. There is nothing more important than your child's health and your peace of mind.

The Dream Medical Center Hospital offers the following additional services in the area of pediatric care:

  • Wellness services such as annual full body screenings, vaccinations, and immunizations

  • Educational programs on proper nutrition, milestones of life, and appropriate family planning

  • Proper diagnosis to ensure treatments match the needs of every patient.

Pediatric Services Offered

  • Immunizations: Comprehensive offerings for patients under old years old

  • Child development and growth training and education

  • Full suite of NICU (Neonatal Intensive Care Unit) services

  • Circumcision services

  • General pediatric wellness and check ups


Immunization Services

Keeping your children healthy is one of your primary roles as a parent. With the Dream Medical Center Hospital's immunization services, you can ensure that your family has the protection that they need and eliminate the risk associated with several diseases.

Click here to see the recommended immunization schedule from the Center for Disease Control in the United States. 



Child Development and Growth

A healthy and successful life is rooted in the care that is provided as a child. Our Pediatricians will work with you, the parent in ensuring that your child receives the best care available. You will receive education and guidance on key areas such as child development, nutrition requirements, and what to look out for, just to name a few. 


NICU (Neonatal Intensive Care Unit) Services

Even with the most talented staff, the most innovative instruments, and a dedicated prayer team, things don't always go as planned. You can rest assured that when additional intensive care is needed, you can lean into the NICU Services of the Dream Medical Center Hospital. 

At the Dream Medical Center, we believe that care is more than just amazing medicine and science. Prayer, love and support have been proven to improve outcomes. We are dedicated to walking through this journey with you to ensure that your child recieves the best care and you, as parents, are kept informed of the progress being made. 




 With a focus on western medical practices and clean, sterile environments, this very common practice is available for your child. 


General Pediatric and Wellness

Preventative steps are important in child development. Whether it is staying on track with the proper immunization schedule to keep disease away, or simple check ups to ensure you have the knowledge you need to care for your child and a resource to talk through your questions with you, our Pediatric services are ready for you. 

You Are Welcome!